About Us


In 2021, Qingdao University of Technology Qindao College has formally transformed into Qingdao City University (QCU), which is an independent full-time general higher education institution approved by the Ministry of Education. With the focus on students’ development, the school is market-oriented and characterized by international education in order to meet the needs of the city and carry out teaching, scientific research and talent training programs concerning city construction, city operation, urban governance, smart city and urban industry development.


there are more than 17,000 students enrolled in various courses.


The total value of teaching and research equipment has reached 146 million yuan, with an average of 8,692 yuan for each student


The school covers an area of 1058 mu.The buildings for teaching, scientific research and administration cover 294,600 square meters.The sports venues cover an area of 84,000 square meters.


The library has 1.36 million paper books and 9TB electronic books


90% of the lecturers have master's degree or above or middle-level professional job title or above
87% of lecturers have working or practical experience in well-known enterprises


The university has 68 laboratories and 18 internship sites, it also has 370 off-campus teaching and employment practice bases


In recent years, our students have won many awards in various competitions in or outside China.
Among them, there are 412 national awards and 851 provincial and ministerial awards


The comprehensive employment rate of 2020 graduates has reached 98%.Ranked fifth among all the universities in Shandong Province

Subject planning

In QCU, we attach great importance to the cultivation of applied talents, and build a thorough practical teaching system. The university has 38 undergraduate majors and 21 junior majors, covering five disciplines including engineering, management, humanities, economics and art.

The university has 68 laboratories and 18 internship sites, as well as 370 off-campus teaching and employment practice bases, providing support for students' career development.


At present, the university has more than 880 full-time lecturers, among whom 40 have a doctor's degree or above, more than 560 have a master's degree or above, 150 have graduated from famous universities all over the world, and more than 700 have working or practical experiences in well-known enterprises.

Students’ Cultivation

Adhering to the "student-oriented" education philosophy, our university is committed to cultivating unique applied talents with sound moral character, professional core competency, broad international vision and spirit of innovation to cope with the diverse working environments and challenges in cities in the future.

The passion for society, the thirst for knowledge, and the commitment to your goals are all qualities we value. We hope our students to think like scientists, create like artists, and solve problems like engineers. To meet the demands of industrial development in China, students should develop a global perspective, and strive to become high-quality applied talents who are brave to innovate.


  • National Advanced Independent College
  • Model institution of entrepreneurship education for college students in Shandong Province
  • Qingdao advanced university of ideological and political work
  • Garden-style architecture in Qingdao City
  • University with the best reputation in society in Shandong Province
  • In 2020, our school has been awarded as:

  • "The university with best credibility in publicly enrolling students in 2020"
  • "The most innovative university in convergence media in 2020"
  • "The univeristy with the most recognized graduates by employers in 2020 "
  • "The most competitive university regarding graduates' employment in 2020"
  • 36th of independent college in China and 2nd in Shandong Province in 2020

Campus Design

Our school covers an area of 1058 mu and exemplifies modern design style with the waterscape through the whole campus. All the facultiy and students can fully experience the beauty of the four seasons in Qingdao.

There are 294,600 square meters of buildings for teaching, administrations and scientific research, and 84,000 square meters of sports venues, and a fitness center with the most excellent facilities among all universities in Qingdao. In addition, there are a badminton hall, a basketball hall, a swimming pool, a track and field court, a tennis court and other professional venues, all of which are built according to the first-class domestic standards.


Cultivate high-quality applied talents to promote the development of smart city in the future.


To become the model of application-oriented university in the new era;

Cultivate high-quality applied talents with a sense of social responsibility, a global vision and a spirit of innovation;

Integrate high-quality international resources to provide education and public services that are based on the city and oriented to the world.

Core values

The university respects the development of each individual, seizes future opportunities with forward planning, and takes respect, pragmatism, exploration and diversity as the core value.


Respect truth, and respect science. We respect every student and also strive to earn his or her respects.


We not only have a dream, but also try to achieve it by working hard.

We provide students with pragmatic education, encourage them to do useful things, and complete all the work on the basis of pragmatism.


The desire for exploring and ambitions are inherent in human beings. The university encourages students to conduct any forms of innovations, not only exploring the world, but also gaining a deep understanding about themselves.


The university adopts advanced teaching methods and embraces multi-cultural values with the aim to promote inclusive growth in the cross-cultural communication and break the boundary again and again.

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